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Introducing the Çoban Köpeği family in Turkey:






Tyson, Mahdi, Balyoz



Photos of Anatollan Shepherd Dogs in Turkey

Below are my favourite photographs of the shepherd dogs in Turkey.
The spirit and physique I observed and admired in these dogs, influenced the Takas philosophy and import selection of BONNIE (IMP) & ASLAN (IMP) & TITANIUM (IMP)

Kangal Dog in Sivas
Old male Kangal in Sivas, Kurtboğan Talaz bloodline. Relative of BONNIE (IMP)

Karapinar Shepherd Dog in Turkey
TYSON King of Denizli. I first met Tyson (
Karapınar) in 2010, this photo was taken in Spring 2014 and has gone viral on the internet. Tyson made an impression then and he does now, he really is the King of Denizli :)  Tyson is the sire of my female ZARA in Turkey.  Zara is the mother of BONNIE (IMP).


Kangal Shepherd Dog standing with sheep in Turkey
Kangal female in Sivas, Kurtboğan Talaz bloodline. Relative of BONNIE (IMP)
FCI Kangal in Turkey

Turkish Shepherd Dog Yoruk with sheep in Turkey
Old Yoruk. These photos was taken in Autumn 2010. I tried to find the old Yoruk the following Spring, but he had died during winter. This dog made an impression on my appreciation of native shepherd dogs, and is an influence on Takas breeding.
Yoruk Shepherd Dog in Turkey

Tuzkoy Boz Shepherd Dog in Turkey
Tuzköy in Nevşehir.  One of several Tuzköy that set an example for physical type which Takas follow today.  
Including LADY (İmparator Boz x Lady Snr) - mother of ASLAN (IMP)


Akbash Shepherd Dog in Turkey
Agile Akbaş in Beypazarı mountains.


Beautiful Kangal Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Kangal with sheep in Turkey

black Kangal Turkey
Black Kangal
black kangal dog in Turkey

Akbash Dog
Best friends always stick together - a customised cabin motorcycle for a very happy
Akbaş in Nevşehir!

Brindle Turkish Shepherd Dog Aksaray
Brindle Aksaray.
The sire of Takas' semen import TURK is a brindle Aksaray imported from Turkey.


Anatolian Karabash Shepherd Dog Turkey
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Turkey native real


Shepherd Dogs in Turkey amazing
Anatolian Shepherd Dog running in Turkey
real kangal Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in Turkey
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs being Anatolian Shepherd's dogs.

Brave Strong Kangal Dog
This Kangal female is 16 years old. Every evening she brings her Shepherd and his flock down the Beypazarı mountains to home.