Central Asian Shepherd

It is not a dog living with the sheep flock and guarding the sheep on command of the shepherd. 
He/she is a wolfhound; a dog independently making the decision, capable to drive away
wolves, to protect the owner and his property.


by Rasaq Qadirie

by Daniyar Daukey

by Francesco Spiaggia


Volkodav Khorasan
Danara Asian Legend (Imp Czech) x Shamash Tohum (Imp Belarus)



Ali Aladja Pandora (Imp Kyrgyzstan)
Ali Aladja Michel (Kyrgyzstan) x Olimpic Star Nyravshan (Ukraine)


Ali Aladja Michel (Kyrgyzstan) - dam of Ali Aladja Pandora (Imp)

sire of SHAMASH TOHUM (Import Belarus)

BERK (Belarus)
sire of DANARA ASIAN LEGEND (Import Czech)



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