Romanian CH Aslan (IMPORT TURKEY)
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pride of Takas
special gift from my dear friend in Turkey,
now resident lion dog @ Takas:

In April 2014, a lengthy road trip from Ankara to Sapanca, through Cappadocia and on to Bulgaria
was required to set in motion events to bring Rom CH ASLAN to Australia.
Having just arrived from Georgia with a Kavkaz Shepherd Dog in tow, to navigate through Istanbul chaos,
it was somewhat of an eccentric expedition!


Representing the most well known dog of Turkey, legend 'Boz Imparator'.

Boz Imparator was a remarkable Çoban Köpegi, his impressive stature, static and kinetic balance won him thousands of admirers within and without of Turkey.
He was published on Turkish Kangal Dog posters, calendars and promotional material, and later became the motif figure and namesake for 'Boz Shepherd' worldwide.

Aslanim is without peer.

His bone and breadth is unequaled.

Head, movement, bone, carriage, substance; he has it.

To see Aslan, is to see something quite special in Australia.

There is really nothing else like him.

~ Lion dogs of Turkey with the substance & stature of Legend ~

Pedigree for Romanian CH Aslan (IMPORT TURKEY)
Breed : Anatolian Shepherd Dog Bred by : O Erol
Sex : Dog Owned by : L Grgat
Date of Birth : 28-Sep-09 Handled by : L Grgat
Call Name : Aslan Available for stud : No
Sire : Kochi (TURKEY) S: Boz Imparator (TURKEY) S:
D: Senge (TURKEY) S:
Dam : Lady (TURKEY) S: Boz Imparator (TURKEY) S:
D: Lady Snr (TURKEY) S:



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